"Prince Harry"
Nat. and Int. HNR Ch. HRH Prince Harry of

Calvin of Yorkie Love
Dam: Butterfly's White Christmas
It is my goal to produce healthy, beautiful and happy Biewers for
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Meet Our Gorgeous Boys...
Meet our very special boys that we are blessed to have.
(Rainbow Bridge)
Calvin of Yorkie Love

Sire: Nat/Int Ch. Oreo von Casar Marie
Dam: Quickly in white vom Weinberg
Bentley was a very sweet natured and loving boy.
He took everything in stride and had a very playful, fun
personality. Bentley had a beautiful, shiny coat that is very
think and luxurious.  His coloring was deep and rich with a
beautiful tricolored head, with excellent symmetry
. Bentley
as a small, compact boy weighting
about 5.5 lbs.  
He was our first stud and his legacy lives on in his son and
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Bentley was a beautiful baby...
(Rainbow Bridge)
Astro of Butterfly Biewers

Sire: Calvin of Yorkie Love
Dam: Promise Me My Insatiable Love

Astro was a very sweet and well mannered boy.  He was 3.5# of
perfect gentleman.   

Astro really loved his two sisters Annie and Angel.  
His little
spirit w
as so precious.  We feel so blessed to have had this tiny
beautiful boy here with us as the Butterfly Biewers Mascot.
Prince Harry is a wonderful example of the
Biewer Terrier. He has been very successful in
the show ring and has taken after his beautiful
father 'Benny'.
Altruistic Altuvie of Butterfly

Sire: Nat. and Int. HNR Ch. HRH Prince Harry of
Dam: Int. Ch Anabel Noble World
Meet 'Tuvie' son of our beautiful stud Harry.
Look for Tuvie in the ring soon. He has
fathered several of our recent litters. He has a
darling disposition. He is sweet as cream and
sugar.  Such a great dog and barely 5 lbs.
Nat and Int. Senior Puppy Champion
Butterfly's Victorious Victor

Sire: Nat. and Int. HNR Ch. HRH Prince Harry of
Dam:Int. Ch Anabel Noble World
Victor is so cute.  Super tiny and very dark.  He
is a sweet heart and Loves our big girl Yummi