It is my goal to produce healthy, beautiful and happy Biewers for
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About Us
Butterfly Biewers..."Where Dreams Take Flight"

It is our dream for this beautiful, loyal and extremely
endearing breed to flourish in the years to come.  We will be doing
all that we can to help make the Biewers of tomorrow sound in body,
mind and spirit.  Health is our #1 concern, it was as a pet owner and
will continue to be as a breeder.  We are dedicated to breeding dogs
that uphold the standard set forth by the Biewer Breed Club of

A Little About Me...

I grew up in a small town about 40 miles from Houston, Texas
in the 1960’s. We always had cats….and a poodle.  I swore when
I got older that I would surround myself with the love of dogs,
and so far I have.

I graduated from the University of Texas in 1981 with a BS in
Interior Design concentrating in architecture.  I have had my own
business since 1985.  I started following my dad who was a builder
around when I was just 10 years old.  My paternal grandmother was
an amazing artist and sculpturist and I guess my love for beautiful
things and fine details came from her.
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~ Teresa M. Harrison ~
Located in Texas
713 826-9984
ASTRO - Rainbow Bridge
This is our new Maltese boy
from Corinne of Valentine
Yorkies. Our first male
Maltese. Thank You Corinne
for trusting us with this little
Raised with 14 Biewers. He
thinks he is a Biewer. He is
sooo busy and snoopy.  He
won't leave the moms with
their babies alone.  I find him
just chillin' by their pens with
I am married to Rusty Harrison  who is a litigation attorney, writer and
wonderful step-father to my children.
Our son Cameron 34, and his beautiful
wife Megan. Our son is also an Attorney
in Houston
We unexpectedly lost my eldest son Clayton in September 2010.
We love and miss him everyday.  Below is Clayton with Foxy.
Caroline 31 and my grand pup Walter 5.  Caroline sells
Real Estate in Los Angeles and Walter is starring in his
first TV show in this fall starring Rebel Wilson.
A Little About Butterfly Biewers...

I love this breed with all my heart and am devoted to them!
They are the best breed that I have ever had the honor to share my
life with!  I love everything about Biewers!  

Since the Biewers are such a fabulous new breed, it is very
important that we work and strive to protect this breed.  That is why I
am dedicated to working towards producing healthy Biewer puppies
that are bred to the
BBCA breed standard.  I am extremely proud to
be a member of the first American Biewer Club breed exclusively
Biewer to Biewer!  Thank you to my fellow club member's for your
unwavering dedication to this breed.

The Biewer Terrier was recognized by the AKC in January 2021 and
is the club's 197th breed.

I will work tirelessly to promote this new breed in the spotlight
it deserves, a great, bright, positive one.

I will do my best to produce healthy Biewer puppies by breeding
only healthy dogs.  All of my Biewers knees have been checked and
cleared by our veterinarian and bile acid testing performed prior to
even being considered for breeding.

I also strive to breed Biewers that are sound in mind and
have the loving and loyal dispositions the breed is so well known for.
I will work to socialize our puppies for their new homes and lives.

I also will do my best to produce Biewers worthy of competing
in the conformation rings across the world.  I plan to show our
Biewers for years to come.

Our dream is healthy, beautiful Biewers that
are sound in body and mind...and of course...
Butterfly "Where Dreams Take Flight!"

Teresa Harrison
Hubby and grandson Steel, 9!